while butter's melting in the pan
I remembered how it all began
free, untitled and unique
I was feeling little sick
I saw some light, while it was dark
between the trees in the small park
there was a hut and there was a fire
it was for sale and I felt like a happy buyer
there was strange lightness, and it's absence too
it was so differend, like a mexican canoo
but it was normal, I was the strange
I decided to get in closer range
but as I approached, the hut moved away
then it came closer, then away again
it was gracious, I was stunned
I was confused as my head turned
and the hut was far behind
and I sat down and I cried and I whined
I wondered if the hut was moving or it was me
and now when I'm twice as old and I'm paying my tax fee
I remembered how the butter was spilling in the pan
I remembered how it all began
I remembered the sad and careless days
what it was like to be glad to be alive
what it was to be sad and want to die
to look at the people from building high
I remembered the old friends I've lost
and forgot the ones I have now
I payed my tax and packed my things
I watched how my current life just sinks
In the past... in the past... like the one before
so I unpacked and went to work instead