Valentin Dankin's paintings

The man accused in
the murder of Carpetition

16 years old drug-addicted
girl from Denmark

Jumping breast in a fairy
garden or eagle whispering
to Mitko's sister

Potatoes eating villagers

F***ed up aunt breastfeeding doll

A pile of semi-gods with
Egyptian origin dropped
on a pile on a plain

Argument about the child

Big hearted man
and pregnant female

50 years old woman
with breast cancer
smoking a cigarette
after having sex

A squeezed writer

The man who set
the forest on fire

Valentin with stupid hat

Piece of vase

Hungry drug-addict
in one room with his
mother, who just commited

Sad Anna feeding
dolphinies with apples
saddened by their
changing behaviour

The fat Polina,
the russian and the ballerine

Smoking maneater

Sad child with his older sister

Valentin as a female
with old villager

Ill Valentin in military
hospital being visited
by a dog and black male
while his sheet is scared
by fingers sneaking thru
the door

One brother drinking coffee
in the forest with

Sad sad

Valentin with Poli

Victoria coughing

Nierika with people


Woman with Valentin

Plants striving for independence

Itzo's mother

Life over the ocean

The new boyfriend

Young junkie family
with angry kid

Look before you smile!

Two women in one moment

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