Valentin eating a peach
Valentin getting his head smashed by a psycho blonde
Valentin murdering a tax inspector with a spear in a mossy basement
Valentin as a kid
Valentin as a kid with a bunny
Valentin as a kid with a crow
Valentin as a kid in a suit
Valentin and Viara
Valentin as a fat punk
Fat Valentin smiling, with fingertips
Fat Valentin not smiling, without fingertips
Valentin and Dzola drinking cofee in the morning
Valentin with colourful shirt, whistling
Young Valentin with an young cat
Valentin without focus
Valentin with his biggest so far painting
Valentin as an evil heavy metal
4 idiots in the night
Valentin showing bajatzi
Valentin having a haircut
Innocent Valentin attacked by mountain Chuvalka
Valentin drawing on shkembe
Valentin and CTAMAT taking part in Hong Kong action movie
Valentin on another boring charity party
Valentin singing about the democracy
Young Valentin saying NO to the cigarettes
Young Valentin with colourful shirt and blue guitar
Very drunk Valentin with Ying and Yang beers
Valentin se abstrahira ot materialnoto i zagurbva alkohola, parite i mladata svezha zazhadnyala za lubov plut
Valentin na plazha s priateli
Valentin s chestna fizionomia
Valentin enjoying himself on a boring party
Valentin dancing with some Pipi
Upgraded CTAMAT and Improved Valentin
Valentin in 2nd grade w/ uniform
Valentin caught stealing bee hats AGAIN
Valentin wearing exotic clothes
Valentin dancing with Buddha himself!!!
Polugoli polupiani polumuzhe
Valentin w/ Teo showing knifes and postures
Valentin w/ Bushev - Cheers with Rakia & Lemonade & Kashkavalche
Drunk Valentin with drunk Teo doing something (what??)
Drunk Valentin dokosvasht testikulite si
Valentin kicking Zhoro
Hora po tzitzi
Valentin and Dmql happy, dancing
Valentin with quarter hair
Valentin with quarter hair and guitar
Valentin dancing with himself
Valentin and Lanzz bored on New Year's eve
Valentin with girls
Scaring paparax
Happy drunk uncles
I am the winner!

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