In the evening

You are strange, but the hut is nice
I am silent, playing with dice
The stars are shining, the fire flows
And 69 chinese have controls
Norwegian flu, that whip in my back
But the knot is strong, I'll get a smack
Your dress puts shadow brown and red
We can eat now potatoes, boar and bread
And drink some wine and then some more
And we can call and rent a whore
And stare silent at the closest stars
And choose boiled peppers from eleven jars
And stalk a moose and stalk a bunny small
Or listen to the dialog from the dining hall

  The hangman:

What if?

  The moose:

Do you think it's easier for me?
Do you think I'm just sitting drinking tea?
Running naked in the woods
I wish I had your mother's boots...

  The hangman:

Those little shards of glass
Those small pieces of waxed paper
What did I do to get you in my stomach and mind
I wish I had a courage, my brother has
52 orphans to serve me and clean my house
Will those painful images be there if I'm blind

  The bug:

Do you think my life is a fairytale from New York?
Do you think I eat a cake with silver fork?
But at least you have a fucking liver
At least you can go and swim into the river

   The hangman:

Why my brain is like a mushroom?
Why my brain is like a dirty hive?
Will those starving chinese feel my doom?
Will a random stranger do me for a five?

  The turkey:

Do you know what it is to be a turkey on the run?
Do you know what it is to be eaten under the shining sun?
I never went to Broadway, I never saw Big Ben
I never tasted Earnie, I never fucked a hen

  The pig:

Earnie was saltless anyway

  The hangman:

In my forehead I'm feeling pain
In ice-cold bucket I feel my brain
Come to the mountain, momma said
And from the city silent some bread and honey get

  Earnie's ghost:

Eat a pie?
Eat some rhye?
Eat and die?
Eat and never fly?
Eat and never lie?
Eat and never cry?
Eat and grow wide and high?
Eat and sing a lullabye
Eat and leave my sty?
Eat and you will tie?
Eat and then I'll fry?
Eat and bye?

  The Hangman:

When I was a child my friend saw some rats
They ate our rhye... They ate our shoes
But they danced on Mozart, so he left for Berlin
I didn't

  The hedgehog:

What's the point, it's so pointless, don't you think?

  The boar:

He's not LISTENING... he doesn't FEEL...
And my brother broke his fucking heel...
Can't you feel the pain tonight?
Nice night for hanging, isn't it?

  The hangman:

One was blue, one was orange, one was red
One was silent, one was clever, one was pet
Doctor, mother, moose and father
Let my brain chill, let me rest...
Give me a dancing bag and send me to the west

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