Valentin Dankin

Duzhdovna nosht v provintziata O, pusturvo! Moving to Mayfair Sad antipoem about Vietnam and the lost heaven Sad pointless antipoem about pointlessness Joy Nyama cherveni rozi za men A night in Oslo Soap Opera, McDonalds too To the psychiatrist with LOVE Esen... Chinese philosophy Living on Harwell Drive 214 for 29 years A poem about the problems in the high-crime zones with poor residentals in Brazil and the broken dreams from the childhood of Ernesto where he is happy and stuff and he wanted to change the reality with his dreamworld where everything is good and everyone is happy and he ends as fucked in the head hardcore LSD user and stuff The song the Beer Fairie sang to the young pig, while she was haunting the body of the old donkey Rodnini Computer buggy poetry Living in a world without TV Oda za Bocho Christmas opera Winter Woan Destroyed by emotions In the evening

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