Christmas opera

Breaking bottles in his head
Bleeding hard, but still not dead
Another fake Santa, doing it for having bread
Merry christmas, hello miss
The weather's fine, oh yes it is
I needed ice to stop the blood, it's good for this
Hello John, my dear old friend!
Here, take my bleeding hand
Wash your clothes and to the family my love you send
Whoever they are, I don't care
But they pay me to stay here
And send my love to the assholes and drink dietic beer
Hello grandma, wanna pic?
Just a second, my blood to lick
I'm doing it for my bright future, I'm not a lunatic
Hey there my dear kid!
Want to wear my socks for a bit?
Take my place here, sonny, so for a while I'll just sit
Yes, tired I am and I feel old
And outside it's just so cold
And my hair and blood are leaving me and I am getting bald
Look, a woman here comes
Stop sucking on your thumbs
Oh hello, lady,take a look at my lovely christmas humps
I am drunk, but I am well
I am not, but what the hell...
What is wrong? Ok, here it comes, as Valentin would tell:

 Valentin tells:

I am ugly, I am mean
I am like a football team
Think of me as of soft bean
Think and use your self-esteem
Think to boil and think to sew
Think to think and think to don't
Think to make a wooden pew
Think to do, but then you won't
Eating spinach takes some time
But it makes you feel so fine
Saying words and using rhyme
Get a license to drive combine
Paying for your parents sin
Being stupid like they've been
We're all boiling your own skin
And you are hairy like a teen
Lick some ice-cream, be divine
Then calculate some precious sum
Eat a pig and then a pine
Feel the joy and then you come
Come to me, my dear child
Hug me, share my rug
Be soft and nice and mild
And I might let you be my duck

But, fake Santa, you just fuckin' suck!

 Santa replies:

See now, my lady dear?
The kids hate me and I feel fear
So I'm breaking bottles in my head, but before that I drink the beer
It makes no sence?
Well, do you want to dance?
Or run like hell and jump with me over the rubber fence?
Oh, so now you run?
Come on, move away that gun!
You wished to know, did you thought that it'll be fun?
So I'm fat and I am Santa fake
So make fun with me, comb me with rake
Or to save your kids from me you will drown me in the ice-cold lake?
I'll go away
But like a choir of angels would say:

 A singing choir of angels falling from the sky saying:

He's a sinner
He is fake
But the light inner
In his heart place will take
Can you feel it?
Just seek and you will find
Can you see it?
Are you hearthless, are you blind?
Look around you, get out of your bin
As would sing someone like Valentin:

 Valentin sings:

Lien Tzi - Lien Dzin Hua Tsi,
Lien Tsi Hua Shun
Which is not what a random fat woman from the crowd would sing

 Random fat woman from the crowd sings:

It is christmas, let's make love!
I feel light, I'll fly like dove!
I am rooster-needing hen
I'd make love with stranger policemen

 Stranger policeman sings:

I am stupid, I am mean
But such wonder I have never seen
I feel better, I feel good
I want to be like Robin Hood

 Fake Robin Hood sings:

It's not fair, it's full of Santas
What's wrong with Robin, why they don't want us?
Why there's no Hector, no Achil
No Levski, no saint hill
No hunchback, no musketeers
No one for us says cheers
But with Santas it is full
Why are the people so fucking dull?
Who is Santa, what he did?
I would shoot him in a bit
But then the wonder from the sky have came
And I am better, I'm not the same
I feel better, but my hair gets white
I feel fatter, but I've fixed my sight!
It's a wonder, I feel the sun
It's a wonder, I don't need a gun
What I seek, that I find
Do you like it, old man blind?

 Old blind man sings:

I am not blind, not any more
I can see, I'll rent a whore

 50 random fat women from the crowd:

You don't have to be policeman, you silly old man blind
And we are thin now, we left the fat behind
It's a miracle from the heaven up above
It's a miracle, let's make love
What do you think about it, reader kind?

 You say:

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